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Choose HonestyI was recently asked a very provocative question: “If you could tell the public anything about psychology, what would you tell people and why?”

It seemed like an easy enough question. I could easily describe the ways in which mainstream American culture breeds unhealthy eating behavior and dissatisfaction with our appearance. Or, I could discuss cultural competency and the ways in which we struggle to navigate differences related to race, sex, class, sexual orientation, and a host of other socially taboo topics. Of course, these are my main areas of clinical expertise and themes that I have been formally researching for the last two decades.

As I reflected on this question more deeply, I started thinking about the bigger picture. I thought about the fundamental importance of psychology as a field, which I believe is to help us understand ourselves. I thought about the patients that I have had the honor of treating over the last 15 years. I thought my experiences teaching students about mental illness and health, the fundamental principles of psychotherapy, and multicultural competency. I thought about my own life: my relationships, family dynamics, personality, and core personal struggles. Across these experiences, what can I tell people that could really enhance their ability to live a more fulfilling life?

The answer soon became crystal clear. Like most important information worth sharing, this is a topic that most of us struggle with on a daily basis—myself included. Self-deception. I would give a talk on how we lie to ourselves, why it is a problem, and how to start the journey of knowing ourselves by choosing to be more honest. For only when we are honest with ourselves do we have the opportunity to change.

Choose Honesty™ was created to help us live more fulfilling lives by confronting our self-deception. My goal is to provide content, resources, and connections that support this process for anyone who is brave enough to become more honest with themselves. For it is only when we admit who we really are that we have the opportunity to change.




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