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Contact Cortney Warren
Board Certified in Clinical Psychology
Licensed Psychologist, Nevada (#PS0690) and California (#32338)
Choose Honesty, LLC
4044 N Lincoln Ave, Unit 319
Chicago, IL 60618

FAX: 312-276-4080

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Note: When I appear in any form of media, I am ALWAYS WORKING IN A NON-CLINICAL ROLE. This means that I provide information, comments, and opinions to the public in a non-clinical context. For example, I may I provide information on a given issue, be interviewed to offer my professional opinions about a given topic, and advocate for specific issues. I am NOT doing clinical work (e.g., psychotherapy, formal assessment) in the media. This includes all of my work in the media, including but not limited to EXaholics, Choose Honesty, media appearances in television (e.g., on The Doctors television show), and podcasts/webinars.

"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions."

~ Leonardo da Vinci