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Phil Zimbardo

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University, President & Founder, Heroic Imagination Project

“Compelling. Skilled. Bold. Personable. Honest,” and also Creatively Smart.

These characteristics all describe Dr. Cortney Warren.

I first met Cortney in 1996, when I presented her with the Edwin B. Newman Award for the best research project conducted by a graduate student in Psychology. Since that time, her career has continued to soar, as exemplified by her numerous awards, student testimonials, and publications. The importance of Cortney’s work is being recognized by both the professional Psychology community and the general public, as well.

Cortney is both intellectually challenging and inspirational. I encourage anyone with the opportunity to work with her to add her to his or her team ASAP!"


William E. Cross, Jr.

Author, Shades of Black [Temple University Press]

"I met Dr. Warren when she was a tenure-track faculty member at UNLV. Her work uses clinical, social, and cross-cultural psychology to improve our understanding of mental health and, especially, eating pathology. Dr. Warren's contribution to expanding cultural competency and multicultural awareness is cutting edge."


Michael P. Levine, Ph.D., FAED

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Kenyon College

"In my experience Dr. Cortney Warren is an unusually bright, confident, capable, and compassionate clinician who can balance being authoritative with being a good listener and a flexible learner. Not surprisingly, given her multifaceted expertise, Dr. Warren is also very skilled—working alone or in collaboration—in formulating meaningful research ideas, working with methodology, analyzing data using techniques ranging from the simple to the complex (e.g., mediation analysis, path analysis, taxometrics), and interpreting data in a measured, useful fashion. In addition, she has the enviable gift of being able to speak clearly and effectively about psychology and related topics to audiences ranging from middle school students to interested community members to other experts. Frankly, I don’t know of anyone else in the world (except perhaps noted eating disorders expert and former President of the Academy for Eating Disorders and current Editor of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, Dr. Ruth Striegel Weissman) who has the expertise and communication skills to integrate information on culture, ethnicity, gender, risk factors, research methodology, prevention, treatment, eating disorders, and obesity."


Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD

ServingSuccess - Success Catalyst and Author

"A natural intellect. A natural teacher.  A natural communicator and collaborator.  For me, all that and more describes my professional experience with Dr. Cortney Warren.  Her understanding of the human condition eclipses her substantial academic and clinical training to allow a lay person to quickly grasp who they are and how they might be deceiving themselves.  From academic to application, Dr. Warren’s gifts to personal understanding are a gift to us all."


Amy Ayoub

President, The Zen Speaker

"If you want a calm, confident and compelling speaker for your conference or event; if you want content that is transformational for your audience; and if you want deep subject matter delivered in a clear, concise and memorable manner, Dr. Cortney Warren is the speaker for you! Dr. Warren’s impressive academic background combined with her innate ability to connect to her audiences makes her the impactful presenter she is. Her TEDxUNLV talk was the most viewed of all from that event in 2014 for good reasons: she has a striking presence, undeniable expertise and a gift of making the listener feel there is hope to improve their circumstance. If you want the audience to thank you for their experience, bring Dr. Cortney Warren in as your keynote speaker!"


Michael Grema

Business Consultant at MG Consulting and Organizer of TEDx UNLV

"Dr. Cortney Warren is one of the most down to earth people I have had the pleasure to work with. Among the different psychology TED Talks, her TEDx Talk is among the most viewed ideas to be propagated out of Las Vegas. I consider Dr. Cortney Warren among the top clinical psychologist in the world. Dr. Warren's work, in the field of honesty and self-deception, is transformative for the field of psychology. Her work details the challenges of self-discovery and how it is easy to lie to ourselves. As a financial professional and neuro-econ, her work is instrumental to my viewpoint of social and personal behavior. As a TEDx Organizer, I worked to produce her TEDx Talk and would highly recommend working with her to anyone."


Emily K. White, Ph.D.

"Dr. Cortney Warren has a steadfast dedication to mentorship and is clearly passionate about helping others succeed. She encourages her mentees to be independent while providing the appropriate amount of support. She enthusiastically supports her mentees; for instance, by encouraging them to seek out scholarly opportunities, writing letters of recommendation, and helping her mentees establish connections with other professionals. She provides thorough feedback in a timely manner and her guidance encourages critical thinking and growth as a scientist, as well as improving writing style. Overall, Dr. Warren gives her mentees plenty of agency while wholeheartedly supporting them in their various pursuits."

ResearchGate Profile for Emily K. White

Robert J. Burack

I am pleased to tell you I thoroughly valued reading Lies We Tell Ourselves: The Psychology of Self-Deception by Cortney S Warren, Ph.D.

At under 50 pages, it is packed with insights and action steps that are wonderfully accessible and illuminating. The quotes alone at the beginning of each Chapter — that come from giants in the field — both inspire and inform.

If someone has a pulse, they’ll absolutely find something that resonates with them and offers the opportunity for personal growth toward truth. The practical examples — that include personal/professional disclosures from Dr. Warren — also help make this a How-To primer for taking action today.

I would highly recommend this terrific book that you could read over an extended lunch hour and then change your self-awareness and decisions for a lifetime. My late dad the Professor, who was also a great author, would have really enjoyed this book.

Retirement Planning Counselor

"Dr. Warren's presentation to the Las Vegas chapter of the BYU Management Society was extremely well-received. She is an excellent presenter, knows her material well, is encouraging and very personable. We recommend her highly, were thrilled to host her and were pleased to purchase her book for each attendee."

TED Talk Watcher & Book Reader

"I found your TED talk on youtube and quite literally watched it a few dozen times. You helped me to look at myself and to start asking questions about my choices. I can see now how they have hurt so many people, family, and friends. I'm growing stronger and more self-aware by the day. I know that I have many repairs to make to relationships but first, need to continue to repair "me". Having heard your words I can now confidently see that I will be fine again."

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

"Was attracted to tears of authenticity in your talk TEDx. I have never seen any human ingrained so deep in truth."

Michael, California

"My name is Michael and I hope it is okay that I send you this note. I wanted to take the time to say thank you for helping me to find the strength to look at myself honestly for the first time, probably ever. It's been a difficult three weeks coping with the heartache of an ended five year relationship. In that time I've been as low as I can ever remember, and on some days really didn't feel like I would ever be fine again. A few days ago I was lucky enough (did you see what I did there?) to find your TED talk on youtube and quite literally watched it a few dozen times. I found your website, purchased and read your book. You helped me to look at myself and to start asking questions about my choices in the past year. How I was fooling myself, by only thinking about what her intentions must have been rather than how she was really treating me. If I hadn't been lying to myself almost daily I might have been able to see this coming long ago. I can see now how my choices in these past few years have hurt so many people, family and friends. I'm done with sorrow and self pity, and I'm growing stronger and more self aware by the day. I know that I have many repairs to make to relationships that I've ignored because of my own, but first need to continue to repair "me". Having heard your words I can now confidently see that I will be fine again.

I can't think of a greater accomplishment, than to put your arms around a stranger and help them to their feet after they've fallen. And in doing so...not just telling them that everything will be okay, but showing them how to make everything okay. You inspire me, and I couldn't be more grateful. From the bottom of my heart....thank you."



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